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Surgery Scar Transplant

People may be exposed to hair loss in the form of scarring as a result of the blows to the head area both in childhood and adolescence and in adulthood.

In addition, as a result of surgeries in the head area due to health problems, post-operative stitch marks may remain in the head area and hair loss may occur in this area.

In both cases, these traces can be covered and hair transplantation can be performed on the areas with hair loss and hair growth can be achieved again.

For this, first of all, small tests will be made in the areas with hair loss and scarring, and if a positive result is obtained, hair transplantation will be made to the areas with hair loss with FUE or DHI hair transplantation technique, and these scars will be covered and hair growth will be provided in these areas.

Our staff that we have worked with in our Ankara and Eskisehir surgery scar transplantation studies are experienced people who have successfully completed thousands of operations.

Our contact information for Eskisehir Hair Transplantation and Ankara Hair Transplantation is as follows;

Ankara: +90.312.219 65 19 Telephone: +90 222 323 42 33 | Mobile: +90 532 687 36 16


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