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Facts in Hair Transplant
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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing your hair transplant center, you should first choose the hair transplant centers in the HOSPITAL environment. Hair transplantation should be done in a sterile (operating room) environment under the supervision of a specialist doctor with health personnel.

At the same time, you should research the experience of the team. For this, see the examples made before and if possible, request the opportunity to meet face to face with people who have had hair transplantation at the same center.

Hair transplantation can be performed on any healthy individual over the age of 18.

Since hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, you will not feel pain.

Any healthy individual over the age of 18 can have a hair transplant.

Hair transplant operation is completed in 5-8 hours on the same day for a single session.

In the examinations and controls to be made before hair transplantation, calculations will be made for your open area and you will be informed. An average of 3000 grafts are required for 4 finger openings from the forehead line.

If your opening area is more than 4 fingers from the forehead line, you may need a second session. This depends on your hair condition in the remaining area (sparse or not at all). In the first examination and controls, you will be informed how many sessions you need by calculating.

When the planning is made from the beginning, the process is completed by making the second session the next day. However, if the planning is not made from the beginning, the second session is made at least 2-3 months later in order for the donor (the area taken) and your cultivated area to recover completely.

This is all about the experience and experience of the expert staff in the hair transplantation center where you have transplanted. The forehead line suitable for your face and forehead structure should be drawn by an experienced specialist in this field, taking into account the 1/3 golden ratio. While your hair follicles are taken from your donor area, it is not damaged, the conditions of waiting the roots for transplantation, the width of the canals, the sensitivity in the transplantation process, the angles in the opening of the canals to be rooted, post-operative washing and care, etc. such as depends on many technical issues.


Don't let some grass men scare you, people who have hair transplantation done by an experienced and expert team are drinking tea with you in cafes or passing by in the streets, it is not possible to understand the well-done plantings.

At least 3 days before;

Alcohol consumption should be discontinued. Drugs such as asprin, fluin, which will dilute the blood should not be taken. Also, drugs that increase blood pressure should not be used to increase sexual power. Smoking should be reduced, if possible, should be stopped. At the same time, the consumption of foods containing vitamin C (lemon, orange, fruit juices, etc.) should be stopped.

You can return to work the next day. The first three days will be a bandage on your head. The bandage will be opened at the end of the 3 days and your first wash will be done.

You must lie on your back while sleeping for the first 2 days. This allows the serum injected into your head to flow out of your neck area. Do not work with your head down for the first two days. Do not lean on the computer keyboard.


If you do not do these, the serum may flow from your forehead area and cause swelling in the face and eyes. In addition, open your bandage and have your first washing done in the center where you have hair transplantation, if possible.


Use the medicines, lotions and shampoos given to you after transplantation as recommended by your transplantation center. Protect your head from sports, pool, direct sunlight for 3 weeks after planting.


Apart from these, you will be given the issues you need to pay attention to from the center where you have transplanted. Always be in touch with the center where you have transplanted, and consult the issues you hesitate.

Your transplanted hair will shed partially or completely in 2 to 6 weeks, then it starts to grow after 3 months and after 7-9 months it will look like you will be happy.

Since the transplanted hair will be your own natural hair, you can have any procedure you want after it grows.

Since women do not want their hair to be cut while having hair transplantation, it is more appropriate to do it with the DHI technique. You can examine the DHI technique in the hair transplantation section of our site in detail.

When we examine the sites and according to the information given by some patients who applied to us, some hair transplant centers claim that they give a guarantee. Do not believe such false information. There is no guarantee certificate in the health sector. are given in subject titles.

There is no such thing as a hair vaccine.This is a lie made up for commercial purposes to deceive people. There is a press release of the TURKISH PLASTIC RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETIC SURGERY ASSOCIATION on 6/3/2016. Do not be fooled by such lies. Do not risk your health by wasting your money. The relevant press release is given in the link below.


The content of this site has been prepared to inform users who want to learn about medical and surgical aesthetics. The information contained on the site can never replace a physician's treatment or consultation. Site content cannot be evaluated for the selection of personal diagnosis and treatment methods. All surgical procedures described on our site are information, comments, and images for informing people; it isn't intended to direct advertisements, diagnosis, and treatment.
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