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Beard Transplant

Beard and mustache are used among men both as an accessory and as a symbol of various social status. Many men have grown beards at various stages of their lives. The importance of beard in men's life has led to the emergence of a wide variety of beard cuts and men to express themselves with these choices.

A beard transplant operation is required as a result of the absence or sparse / less growth of a beard in an area as a result of injury, burns or any other reason. Beard transplantation can also be performed in the beard losses that occur after the operation scars.

Since the beard transplantation is made with the hair of the person taken from the nape area, which is genetically not shed, the natural appearance will be gained after the transplantation and the patient will have permanent beards.

The operation is performed as in the fue hair transplant operation. In order not to shed genetically in the nape area, the hair follicles coded are placed in the channels opened in the area where the beard will be transplanted.


DHI technique can also be used as an alternative to the FUE technique in beard transplantation. In this method, the extraction of the roots is the same as the FUE technique. However, the channels where the roots will be placed on the skin are not opened during the planting phase.

The roots are placed in the special Choi pens used in the DHI technique and placed directly under the skin with the help of this pen. The DHI technique is a more effective method in beard transplantation.

Its advantages can be listed as lower wastage rate, more frequent transplantation and shorter recovery period. The only disadvantage of the DHI method compared to FUE is that it is more costly.

Our team that we work with in Ankara beard transplant and Eskisehir beard transplant is experienced health personnel who have successfully completed thousands of operations.

Our Metlana Hair Transplant Center continues beard transplantation in Ankara and Eskisehir with an experienced health team under the control of a specialist.

Our contact information for beard cultivation Ankara and Eskisehir is as follows;

Ankara: +90.312.219 65 19 Eskisehir: +90 222 323 42 33 | Mobile: +90 532 687 36 16


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