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One of the most curious issues of patients considering hair transplantation is whether their hair will look natural after the transplant, how long it will heal and how long the transplanted hair will grow. These issues are clarified in this text.
The subject of seeing hair naturally is described in the “need to know” section.

First of all, after the operation, the head of the patient is covered with a bandage (the places where the sowing and tissue is taken). Immediately after the operation, the patient can go home. In the first two days, the patient should keep his head in an upright position and sleep in the supine position while lying down. If the patient who will undergo hair transplantation will start to work immediately the next day, he should avoid movements by tilting his head forward. If he / she works in a heavy work based on body, he / she should definitely take a break from working for 2 days. At the same time, it should not perform operations by tilting its head forward in applications such as books, magazines, computer keyboards. The reason for all this is to prevent swelling in the face and eyes by flowing the serum injected into the head area during the operation to the forehead area.

The bandage will be opened 3 days after the operation and the patient will be washed for the first time. One of the issues that should be considered here is to ensure that this procedure is performed especially in the hair transplantation center. Some hair transplant centers try to find reasons for washing and care to load their unsuccessful hair transplantation to the patient and to impose responsibility on the patient. Same washings will take another 4 days as in the first wash. At the end of the eighth day, the dried residues remaining on the head will be cleaned and the dirty image on the patient's head will be removed. During the washing periods, ie the first eight days, it is very important for the success of planting. During this period, protect your head from harsh blows, do not scratch the transplanted area, do your washing as shown in the planting center and, if possible, ensure that all washing is done in the center where you have planted.

8 days after the operation, the patient can return to his normal life and wash with the same frequency as in his old life instead of every day. There is no harm in touching or itching the transplanted area. Heavy sports, baths, saunas and dye should be avoided for 3 weeks.

Transplanted hair will be partially or completely shed in 2 to 6 weeks. The regrowth of the transplanted hair starts after 3 months and after a period of 7-9 months, it reaches the level where the patient will be happy. Depending on the genetic makeup of the person, this period may take up to 1 year.


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